Saturday, November 22, 2008

Visit to the Local Pow Wow

Today we went to our local annual Pow Wow. It was cool...literally! Actually about 45 degrees but right on the waterfront with a kicking breeze!

We were able to watch them demonstrate blowing darts long distances and several different tribal dances. We looked at all of the booths and saw some really cool stuff.

The favorites were all of the different animals skins and skulls! There were even turtle heads, alligator heads/feet/tails, raccoon, deer, buffalo, cow, squirrel, birds, badger, beaver and rabbit skins (Poor Lucky!)

Kiera picked up one of the bunny pelts and I said "Bunny", she dropped it real quick and just kept saying "bun-ee, bun-ee". Awe! Then of course Josh carries on about how when poor Mr. Lucky passes on he's gonna have him stuffed so he can keep him forever! Unless of course he just decides to --KEEP HIS FEET! Geesh!

All in all a fun-filled, FREE, family Saturday outing.