Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank You

Thank You, Lord for loving me
And letting me be free
To worship You and praise Your name
All day continually.
Help my every thought be pure
My word be words of praise.
Let everything I say and do
Bring a smile to Your face.

As we go through our day let us be conscious of the words we say. Are they words we want our God to hear? Are they words that will bring a smile to His face? If we are stuck in traffic, are we complaining and fussing or do we take the opportunity of the delay to praise our God? If we are delayed in a long line because the cashier is slow do we mutter and complain or pray for those around us and end our time with the cashier with “Have a nice day and God bless you”? How do we respond to a fussy child or an irritated husband? Let us think on these things and ask God to help our words (and our thoughts) bring a smile to His face.

This is a devotion written by my mom, she has a devotional blog here. Please stop in and visit her.