Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was very warm here last night so I thought I'd open up the house to get in some fresh air. None of the windows in this lovely home open so we can only do doors. I opened the back sliding door (no screen) and the front door to get some air flow. I showered and locked the doors and decided to retire around midnight. I sat upon my bed to wind down and low and behold....A RAT! YES, I SAID A RAT ran right past me and up the stairs to Ki's room!

I ran after his squealing. (Poor Ki!!) I found something to whack at it and tried to smash the thing! I sicked the dog (Blue Heeler) on it but NO! Stupid thing just tried to get the stick! Oh yes, all along dear Mr. Kevin just watching TV in the Living Room..some Big Foot documentary!

Anyhow, all my screaming woke up every child in the house so I had help then!! Well Nathan and Garit decided to watch all the commotion from their beds, I don't blame them one little bit! Miranda was very brave..I was shocked. We tried to whack it but it ran back into the boys room to the back door, YAY, but IT WAS LOCKED!  Josh didn't want it opened though in case another one would come in. Come on already let's get this sucker outta here! He opened the door again. Meanwhile I was trying to keep Ratty's whereabouts very well known.

Josh devised a mop handle with a steak knife through it to get Ratty. Of course I wouldn't allow it! (Smart kid though!) I had him cornered and then HE CAME RIGHT AT ME and RAN ACROSS MY FOOT! I jumped up on Ki's toddler bed then. She just watched..and watched..taking it all in.

After a brief recovery session from the foot episode I started to chase hin toward the door and guess what? Ratty ran over my foot again. Need I remind you I was ready for bed and barefoot. This time Ratty tried to crawl up. my. leg.  That was it..this was WAR!  By this point Josh decided he was cute...yes, I said my 15 year old son, thought this rat was cute thereby it did not deserve the death penalty.

I called our trusty Blue Heeler back again, this time he saw it! He cornered Ratty and grab a hold. We heard Ratty squeal, but then he was dropped and the varmit ran right into the PANTRY!  I pulled out the toy box the rodent was hiding behind and Ratty went a running into the boys room and finally out the door! Poor dog never saw him leave he was after the little rat for about another hour! LOL!