Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Facts

Well! Silly me was given awards and I did NOT follow the rules..OOPS! I shall now list 8 random facts about myself:

  1. I broke my foot last Christmas..spent the morning in the ER...not fun and OUCH!!! Getting up at 2 am with the baby, I haven't taken a sleeping pill since!
  2. I broke my arm riding a bike in the second grade.
  3. I broke my knee skating, well actually getting plowed over by racing referees at the skating rink, in the sixth grade.
  4. I broke my finger in the 10th grade catching a jacket. Yep..jammed it in the floor.
  5. I sliced my eyebrow open sliding down a slide into a river (six stitches).
  6. I cut my finger at work in Hawaii (three stitches).
  7. I sliced open my thumb washing a glass, it broke (six stitches).
  8. Every bone I have broken has been on the left side of my body. you did not know those facts!!!! I'm a little paranoid now about breaking things after the cancer stuff and Tamoxifen and the "M" thing (menopause, took out the ovaries)!

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  1. oh my! I have never broken anything. Can ya believe that? I always look for wood when I say that. lol I am not superstitious but eeek. I hadn't really had any wounds requiring stitches either before my biopsy and port surgery. =/ So this was all a huge shock to me all at once. I had only been in the hospital when I had babies. This is all interesting stuff that. I can't believe you've broken so many bones!

  2. knew most of that about you. didn't know they were all on the left side of your body. glad you are right handed. why don't you start a day care or baby sitting service or errand service. then you wouldn't spend more on child care than you make. could even clean houses or offer the kids out as foster grandkids to lonely shut ins


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