Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Facts

Well! Silly me was given awards and I did NOT follow the rules..OOPS! I shall now list 8 random facts about myself:

  1. I broke my foot last Christmas..spent the morning in the ER...not fun and OUCH!!! Getting up at 2 am with the baby, I haven't taken a sleeping pill since!
  2. I broke my arm riding a bike in the second grade.
  3. I broke my knee skating, well actually getting plowed over by racing referees at the skating rink, in the sixth grade.
  4. I broke my finger in the 10th grade catching a jacket. Yep..jammed it in the floor.
  5. I sliced my eyebrow open sliding down a slide into a river (six stitches).
  6. I cut my finger at work in Hawaii (three stitches).
  7. I sliced open my thumb washing a glass, it broke (six stitches).
  8. Every bone I have broken has been on the left side of my body. you did not know those facts!!!! I'm a little paranoid now about breaking things after the cancer stuff and Tamoxifen and the "M" thing (menopause, took out the ovaries)!