Monday, November 17, 2008

Our lovely water cooler

We bought a hot/cold water dispenser like this at the Goodwill several years ago and it truly is one of my favorite things! NOW! When the 2 year old decides to serve herself to water and pour it in 50 million devices and get it's not so much my favorite!

BUT, with a household of six children and the purchase a some little disposable without a dishwasher isn't so horrible after all. (Just kidding it still is horrible!! ;)) I also love the hot water feature..great for individual tea, hot cocoa, hot cereal, instant grits (go ahead and cringe!).

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  1. When we were house hunting one of my requirements was that the fridge in the house HAD to have an indoor dispenser for water b/c I was sick of getting my 5 year old water all the time, LOL! I love that he can get it himself and that is 1 less thing I have to do.

  2. cringe! I love grits! of course I'm the only one in my family who does. ( we just have good taste!)

    I would love to have one of those. My fridge has water and ice, but the kids used it so much that the ice maker no longer works. : (


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