Monday, November 3, 2008

I was Tagged

I was tagged by Sandi over at Pregnant with Cancer. I'm supposed to share 6 random things about me and pass the torch to 6 other blogging buddies. Here goes.. (Blogger is having spacing problems apparently...sorry!)

1. I mentioned before that I always use a straw to drink...well I also wash out the glass/mug two times with soap before I get a drink. (Yeah, I know a little OCD.)

2. I LOVE Caffeine- Free Diet Dr. Pepper! Love, love, love it!

3. I don't sleep...hardly ever. I can sleep during the day...easy..just not at night! Weird??

4. My first daughter's name came from a movie I liked. Both her first and middle names. I had to wait 13 years though to use it! All those boys just kept on coming and coming and coming.

5. I still have MAJOR chemo brain! Grrr. I can't remember SQUAT. I lost a ton of memories too (wish it were only the not so fond ones!) Even from 10 minutes ago. My poor kids must think I have Alzheimer Disease. They are getting more patient with me though...yay!

6. I can not put on the same pair of socks twice...eww..even if they are clean. If it's only been a very short while (like minutes) then they definitely have to go on to the same foot or the toe just doesn't match up!