Thursday, November 6, 2008

Curse on Cats

I was chatting with a fellow blogger about the demise of pets and realized I have not shared the "Birthday Curse on Cats" at our home.
We got Miss Kitty when Kevin moved in with us. She was a sweet petite little black cat with two stocking feet. An itty-bitty little thing. Well, she had four little cutie pies! Mitten looked just like his Momma but the stockings were on the opposite feet. Minnie was the sweetest, softest light gray cat. Shadow was a jet black loaner but very personable. Last but not least was Tiger who was a stripped big fuzzy ball of fluff! They all got along great.

Miss Kitty disappeared when the kittens were about ten weeks old. I checked at the shelter and clue what happened to her!

Then, my poor kids! We have back to back birthdays and we lost a cat on each of the next three birthdays! What are the odds of that? Minnie the poor dear got squashed by the snotty lady down the street, poor A (4 years old at the time) saw the whole entire thing! Tiger somehow wound up disemboweled on our next door neighbor's lawn one morning. Mitten just vanished! Gone! Completely!

Shadow disappeared too. He came home about seven weeks later with his tail half rotted off! I remember that odor very well as I was going through chemo at the time. Poor Kevin took it upon himself to cut off dear Shadow's tail before infection took over and killed him. (Yes! Don't worry! He knew exactly what he was doing. He is by trade a horse breeder and farmer with extensive animal care.) Well, we knew if we were to cut off dear shadow's tail we would never see him again. If we did not though he surely would die. The kids often say they see him several blocks over when they ride the bus!

So there we were cat-less again! The poor little dears! Then Kevin rescued a little kitten off the highway one day and guess what? Yep, he disappeared too! Jeez!!!! What the heck???? And what ever happened to nine lives???

I made Kevin promise NOT to bring home any more kittens no matter what! The poor little guys just did not deserve the death sentence that would surely come upon them! Well, yeah...I gave in. There was a momma cat where Kevin worked and the kittens were starving. He brought home a solid white one with the brightest blue eyes ever! This time I'm keeping him INSIDE! I have never had a litter box before and I do not like it one little bitty bit!!! It's been about seven months now and he's still here. Hey I just had a Birthday too!!! Yippee, the curse is OVER!!

Update: Since I wrote this post poor Sam was attacked by the dog across the street. Poor guy seens to have some internal injuries...hmm..I sure hope he's okay!!!