Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Supplies

Yikes! Cram The Van lost our application! I had a feeling that was going to happen. The man at the Chamber of Commerce faxed it in and I told him I didn't trust it but he reassured me it was fine. I'll go with my gut in the future. Anyhow they didn’t have any extras even though I had a copy of my application. I was in tears! Literally! I was so embarrassed! It is really tough when you cannot provide for your own children. Humiliating actually! I just trust it won’t always be like this!

Anyhow, one of the volunteers offered to drive to the next town and get some extras they had since I couldn't afford the gas. VERY, VERY NICE! So they gave each of the kids them some supplies. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful! It is bad enough to have to need these services in the first place but to be counting on them and they fall through was just a bit much for me. They didn't give out backpack this year. But I only need one now. We did find one at a consignment store for N this morning. YAY!!! Just M to go!

Then we went to a Back to School bash at a church. WOW! The church gave us MORE school supplies than Cram The Van did! WOW......I was so, so very impressed. There was also a very, very large turn out. The kids were able to look at military vehicle, a biplane, fire trucks, helicopters, ambulances, antique and muscle cars. They also got to look at Swat team vehicles and weapons. G loved that! They were able to shoot an empty paint ball gun. Watched trained dog exercises. Free hot dogs and drinks! M and Ki got to ride horses!!! Two churches and various sponsors put all this on absolutely FREE! This woman was very, very impressed. One blessed little girl won the grand prize of a limo ride to and from school on the first day! G won a drawing for 3 free rounds of miniature Golf, 2 free bowling games and 2 free skate admissions!!!! YAY G!!

All in all it was a very, very good day. Rough start but it improved very quickly!