Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which one of you

OKAY! Get in here! All of you All five of you! NOW! Which one of you took them? Really which one of you? I am so tired of gong through this. I am so tired of spending all of my time trying to decide which one of you took my things. I get to play judge and jury and hear five different cases of – how “it could not possibly have been me, Mom. I saw (sibling’s name inserted) take it!” Here goes our Saturday afternoon. Just fess up right now. I am oh so NOT going to drop this, not this time. I just saw it yesterday! One of you just has to speak up right now! Seriously!!! You do NOT want to mess with me today! Which one of you took them?


Later that night while soaking in the tub I realize. CRAP! I did it! I took them! I forgot I took the batteries out of my camera to see if my recorder still worked. CRAP! Now I get to go apologize to FIVE KIDS!! UGH!!!!! (Lessons in humility.)

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  1. I think all of mom's eventually go through this.. Kudos for sharing!

  2. Oh Tammy! I have so done this so many times! :( Sigh. Thanks for sharing. So glad you are starting to blog again.

  3. Yup, been there. Apparently though we have some sort of invisible person in our house who takes everything. Go figure!


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