Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HI my name is Tammy, and I am an OCD Dropout

“Hi, My name is TAMMY, and I HAD OCD. At one time. Many people, honestly, did not know I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I hid it.” --- yes, that was me. I had my Tupperware with neatly typed labels piled high in about half my kitchen. I had beans, elbows, rice, yeast, even onion soup mix and Kool-aide tucked away neatly in the cabinets. Then there were the can goods. OMG!!! They were categorized according to food groups, then family, then variety, then size of can to the very brand name marked on the can, labels positioned correctly (of course).

Immaculate. That was me. Really! You may not have noticed that I always rinse off my own personal dish, cup, mug (compulsively) before I dish my own food. I know it is clean (I washed it). I just have to. And, it has to be this mug or that one those others just don’t feel right in my grip or on my lips. Those mugs over there? They just are not right. Plastic/acrylic cups?  Especially with dairy products? That is just N.A.S.T.Y.   And glasses? I have to have a straw… (A bendy one you know) and not milk because plastic and milk? Wait we already talked about that!  Straws are made of plastic now so straws are NOT allowed in milk! bluck. (Yes indeed I do realize they come OUT of a plastic jug, duh.)   If that ice falls forward on my nose again and splashes up my nose I think I will just breathe it in and drown finally.  My forks you ask?  They cannot be inside out. By that I mean it could not have been molded in on only one side (like most ALL cheap brands, we are cheap folks too). They have to feel solid and weight proportional, duh. (I have ONE fork I use, and yes, the kids all know it is MY fork!)  But the tongs absolutely MUST line up and be at the right curvature, of course!  My silverware drawers were TO DIE FOR.  You would have been very jealous of those (for that I am sure). Paper plates, styrofoam cups and even plastic disposable silverware? I never, ever take the top plate, even if they are upside down, nor the top cup, the plastic ware gets washed though.

Other oddities are: sock selection, oral hygiene, bedding, bathtubs, towels, candle wax, stationary supplies, and hotdogs to mention a few!  Well, to make a long story short (too late for that) I dropped out!  Yes indeed, I just gave it up!   Cold turkey!  Yup.  When I got a divorce and got pregnant and then cancer all in one year, I gave it up.  Yes, I am not sure what happened.  I guess I got tired.  Now I am a full-time working (exhausted) mom to five full –time and one (sadly) part-time stepdaughter.  I am simply too tired for OCD anymore.  If you really look though, just pay close attention and watch me, you just may still catch on to a few of my secrets I still have.  Psst… don’t look!  I still have many. I tell you about them all of the time. You just do not notice. LOL!

Any how. Where was I going when I started this? Oh, yeah.

Number 1: We finally got a new (to us… remind me about the Landlord experience last week)! I drank a glass of milk tonight! (Without a rewash!!!!)

Number 2: I got to take an uninterrupted bath tonight! Seriously Mom of six, from a 17 year old down to a 3 year old, I said UNINTERRUPTED!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! (I did neglect to tell you that I scrubbed the tub for an hour before I could possible get into that nasty germy tub….. and I will do the SAME hour of scrubbing tomorrow night too… yes, even if no one steps foot or bootie in it until I do next!!!!!! Whew. I am glad I got THAT out of my system. Shh, don’t tell anyone. It’s embarrassing! So, where was I? Oh, yes. Hi there my name is Tammy and I am an OCD dropout.