Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dishwasher

October 4, 2009, Mrs. Landlady, “Tammy that is a very pretty shade of nail polish.” Tammy, “Thanks, I don’t often paint them I am always washing dishes.” Mrs. Landlady, “Why, is something wrong with the dishwasher? “ Tammy, “Yes, it just does not wash them. Even if I hand wash them and just rinse them in the dishwasher, it does not work right. I cleaned out the hoses, they are all clear. It is draining fine. It just doesn’t work.” Mrs. Landlady, “ I will try to find someone to come look at it or I will get you a new one.” Tammy, “Thanks.”

November 4, 2009, Mrs. Landlady, “Tammy I just wanted to let you know that I will be getting you a new dishwasher my son just has to go up there with me to pick one out.” Tammy, “ No problem, Next week is fine.”

December 4, 2009, Mrs. Landlady, “I am sorry Tammy.” I heard they were going to go on sale sometime soon I will get you a new dishwasher this weekend and have them install it next week.”

January 4, 2010, Tammy, “What about the dishwasher Mrs. Landlady.” My son told me the government is giving out energy rebates on them. I will get you one from Lowe’s tomorrow, but they want $80 to deliver it!”

January 28th… phone call from Mrs. Landlady’s son, “Tammy, I just wanted to let you know we decided to keep the new dishwasher and give you mom’s old one. It’s here at the house if you want it. I am sure you are tired of washing my hand with five kids.”

February 4, 2010. Tammy and Kevin at Landlord’s house to pick up HER OLD DISHWASHER!!!! UGH (recovering OCD here). Tammy, “ Could you take a little off the rent for us dong all of these repairs for you?” Landlady, “HAHAHAHAHAHA, I understood you are very handy like that……” Check please!

Update: Old dishwasher uninstalled… other old dishwasher installed! Check. A screw did manage to come up during removal of the old pump to put on the other old dishwasher because this house did not have the correct plumbing………. And hit Tammy in the E – Y – E – B – A – L – L!!!! OUCH, still blurry four days later!!!!!

(BTW. . . in case you missed it… Mrs. Landlady is so NOT my favorite person right about now! LMAO!!! Good Old dishwasher though!!! YAY!
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