Friday, December 19, 2008

This Mommas Heart Aches

The kids all brought home all of their school Christmas Crafts today. They are all out of school until next year.  Miranda brought a ton of things home. One of her crafts was a Snow Woman cut out of cardboard and glued together puzzle form then painted. Here is a picture:

This is her snow is pink has Breast Cancer!

(Yes my heart stopped!)
My poor children! It must have been awful to go through this so young. Kiera she wasn't even BORN yet!! I can't help but wondering how this has affected them each. About two months ago Miranda found one of my hats I had used while bald and had it on and said she wanted to keep this hat so she could wear it when she loses all her hair because she has Breast Cancer!
Geesh...this poor Momma's heart just aches for my kids. Here come the waterworks!!