Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday #1

Woo Hoo! I'm gonna have to start making notes though my chemo brain can't remember all this stuff at the end of the week!
  1. Regarding the crab at the beach of Friday, "Miranda, if you kill him, he'll die!", nope I didn't say that--not me!
  2. I did NOT create an avalanche of all the storage boxes while retrieving the Christmas Decorations! No, Not Me! I'm organized!
  3. I did not start the washer for the third time, same load cuz I kept leaving it there, Nope, not me!
  4. I definitely did not cook two turkeys within 24 hours because there wasn't enough the first time around, just for our immediate family!
  5. I did not destroy an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies, do you mess up cookies. Well the oven being turned off instead of the timer I'm sure had some responsibility.
  6. I did NOT sleep through my eight year old daughter getting ready and getting on the church bus to go to Sunday School. THAT is a confession!!!! Does she not need me anymore.
  7. I did NOT start crying at the park when a woman I had just met asked me if we were going to be okay financially for Christmas this year. Oh Come On Tammy!!!!!
  8. I did NOT gain back all of the weight I lost last month in two weeks, No, not me!
  9. I did NOT only cook one meal on Saturday! Not Me!
  10. I am SO NOT about to delete blogs that I follow because they are not following mine! I just can't keep up with the feeds, ya know. Consider this notice...
  11. I did NOT let Ki take not only one but TWO naps right around 5 pm this week just so I could make dinner, nope, Not me!
  12. I did NOT break three (3!!) glasses this week! Not me!
  13. I did not run out of dish soap for three days!! Yes, through Thanksgiving!