Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Praise You

I praise You, Lord that I can trust
The path you have me walk.
I need not know where it will lead
Because I know You know.
I need not understand why or where
I trust leave those both with You
And yet I listen in my prayers
In case You want to share.

Sometimes I’d like to know the why.
I’d like to understand
Sometimes I’d like to know the where
So I could make some plans
But then I think that if I knew
I’d interrupt Your plans
For Your ways aren’t for me to plan
But just to hold Your hand.

Many times we find we are walking a path we don’t like or understand. Sometimes it seems we have been down the same type of path at other times. Our finite minds always want to understand our circumstances. We want to know where we are headed so we can “chart our course.”

In the Christian walk our “chart for our course” is in the Bible. Our path leads to eternal life with God, our Father and Jesus Christ, His Son and our Savior and Lord. The directions God wants us to take on our way to our Home are His choice. We are on this earth to give Him pleasure. We do this with our fellowship with Him, our trust in Him, our obedience to Him and our love for Him. All these, fellowship, trust, obedience and love, can be carried out without knowing the why’s or where’s of our walk.

It is so nice to be able to just walk and trust. I know where my walk will end. I can trust God’s hand to guide me every step of the way. When my finite mind pushes it’s questions into my attention, I can pause, turn my eyes on my Father, and choose to trust His wisdom and love. Peace overflows as I do this and I can continue my walk in fellowship, trust, obedience and love.

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