Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TT/TAT - Clothes Line Madness

This week I decided to remodel the three boys' room!
Isn't it great??????

NOT! Boy I wish!

No Seriously! This week I tried to hang a clothesline! Actually I hung four, twice so far! And I'm about to seriously give up! Trying to hang them high enough so that the six kiddies don't hang on them, yet I can still reach, and the clothes don't drag the ground!

I was trying to do it without having to buy anything other than clothespins and line but it looks like I am gonna have to get a center support. BUMMER!

I hung out my first four loads Friday and it was so humid it never dried. I then woke up Saturday to find ALL of it on the ground (the hook came out of the 4x4). Tightened everything (AGAIN) and then when it was almost dry---IT POURED!!!!! JEEZ!

I would just give up if I hadn't done a little research on Friday and found out that I could save an average of 74 cents per load! With a family of eight I figured that would amount to approximately $92.00 a month!!!!! In a year approximately $1,104.00!!!!!

That little discovery has encouraged me to continue my efforts!!!!!!