Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about coffee

1. Aroma
2. Warmth
3. Caffeine
4. Flavor
5. Calorie Free
6. Inexpensive
7. Easy
8. Comforting
9. Relaxing
10. Widely available
11. Versatile
12. Refreshing iced
13. Satisfying

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  1. I wish I could find more inexpensive coffee. The one I LIKE is almost $9 so I drink the cheap $4 store brand. I only get coffee OUT when my MIL treats me. But I do love the smell of it. Epically in book stores. Those two things just seem to go together.

  2. coffee is ALWAYS too expensive for MY hubby... but your list means that i absolutely have to get up from my comfy couch and make a pot! happy TT!

  3. I am so thankful you are healthy now.

    I enjoy a really good cup of coffee, too. :)

  4. Not only is coffee all that, it is the best drink ever! I agree~ nothing like a good cup of Joe!

    Your family is beautiful!

    Happy TT! Mine is up here and I would love a visit!


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