Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday!

This week I spent one entire day cleaning out the three girls closet and going through all the clothes in holding! What a nightmare! Well, I wound up with 5 large kitchen garbage bags for freecycle. WOW! I feel much better. Then I organized the "keepers" into sized bins. I feel a bit jipped because the freecyler did even so much as thank me. That was an enormous amount of clothes! Worth quite a bit of money. I couldn't possinly DREAM of not thanking someone. I didn't want gratitude just a little politeness. (humpf)

I also tacked baking bread FINALLY! I have been planning on it for quite some time. And it was a tremendous hit, everyone loves it! I can't wait to try it for french toast!!

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  1. Wow - the bread looks delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog while I was on vacation.

  2. What a great tackle. I cleaned out my youngest daughter's closet this weekend in prep for preschool. It does feel great to get all that clutter out.

    Nice job on the bread! French toast made from homemade bread really is the best. My favorite recipe includes broiche bread stuffed with strawberry cream cheese. It is a Chrismtas morning favorite. Maybe I will post that recipe soon.

  3. Wow, you cleaned and made bread. You deserve an award.

  4. I went through my daughter's stuff as well and now I'm selling everything that didn't fit on eBay. Might as well make a buck...

  5. I also went through closets and gave stuff away. I didn't get a thank you either but its nice to get the clutter out anyway. Enjoy your day!


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