Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This morning as DD2 was sitting on her little potty in front of Diego on Nick, I thought I'd reboot the laundry. Well, I hear a strange voice and to my sheer total dismay, Ki, butt naked at the OPEN front door had been out on the front porch! A passerby (some dude) stopped and ushered her inside. Oh my goodness! Try topping that one!
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  1. I'm sorry, I just can't. Couldn't top it if I wanted, that's too, too funny!

  2. That's too cute Tammy! My boys used to "pee" outside a lot, but that's when we lived in the country. I don't think they better try it now! WE live beside a public park~!

  3. Okay, lets see if I can. We were driving down a street. A dog ran right in front of our car. Behind the dog was a little boy. All he had on was a shirt. He was trying to catch up to his dog. He had run out of the garage, across the street and was two houses down on the other side. We stopped. I took his hand and took him home. His poor mom was totally freaked. She didn't even know he was gone. Did I top you?


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