Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MFT - Cappuccino Coolers

Today I am going to share with you one of my weaknesses. COFFEE! Hot, iced! No matter!!

On the days it is just waaaay too hot to drink more than one cup of java I reach for my Cappuccino Coolers! I love them! Mix with an ice cold glass of milk and I'm in Heaven for about 20 seconds!

Hazelnut will send me to the hospital so I have never tried that one but the French Vanilla is very good. A bit too sweet for my taste but there just is not much available out there. I tried the liquids that came out not long ago. Y-U-C-K!!!!!! I am a black coffee drinker but still love cold coffee with milk.

If any of you live near Trader Joe's they have the most AMAZING iced coffee mix (or used to when we lived near one).

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  1. Me...I love chai, hot or iced! But it has to be Orgegan chai. To me there is no better chai out there. I used to work at a coffee house ( a few years ago) and loved trying all the different combos like snickers, almond joy, cinnamon bun, Rick's special.( These are coffee with milk and flavored syrup)
    My coffee has to be sweet though or I can't drink it! But I don't use too much sugar, sweetner! (bad I know)

  2. That does sound good. I love coffee too - in all forms. We'll have to try this sometime. Hmmm...I bet it would be great mixed with some coffee ice cream in a blender!


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