Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mammogram Results

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long but I am working six days a week now. I did want to update my "readers" on my "Survivor" status. In January, I will be celebrating my ten year Cancerversary!! However, I went in for my yearly mammogram (the first time I made it to a year between them) last week. Unfortunately they found a lump in the other breast (actually arm pit). It appears from the ultrasound they performed to be an enlarged, abnormally shaped lymphnode. I have to get all of my films and try to get into another "pro-rated/(oh dear GOD I hope free)" program in Houston and have another ultrasound in eleven weeks.

The good news is there was no biopsy ordered last week! :o) Right?? AND the mammogram AND ultrasound I had last week were F-R-E-E!!!!! Love that! It is hard to find these programs but they are out there. If you had cancer before and cannot get health insurance (like me) call the American Cancer Society, get the local chapter phone number and call them! Do not give up until they have gotten an answer for you. Continued screening is a necessity. I discovered this program when I was talking to another SURVIVOR at the Relay for Life in 2009.

Please do keep us in your prayers though. Life is nuts for this working mom of 6. I would not have it any other way though!