Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Be Silly

Do something silly today. The simple act of letting go and having fun, even for a brief moment, can have a miraculous effect on your entire being. Just let go and have fun for just... 30 seconds! My good friend LaDonna and her family in this picture are a very,very good example! My heart just giggles every single time I see this photo!

I have six kids and they can tell you I can be quite silly. Just the simple act of singing, if you want to call it that, at the absolute top of your lungs can have a waving effect on the silliness level of the house. Silly games too! Simple! Just a little imagination and let it go.

I tend to have a dark, dry sense of humor but I am well known for my ability to make people laugh. I consider it a mission in life to try to make the unexpected person stop mid-track and think for a second. Usually their entire attitude changes and they LOL (laugh out loud).

So whether it is something as silly as a 42 year old mom of six skipping to the mailbox with her four year old in tow, an awkward mom playing hopscotch, or a quick hand slap challenge, it only takes a moment to have fun and I promise you that smile will definitely make you forget all of your woes for a moment at least!

So make a silly dinner tonight, watch a silly movie, play hide and seek, Capture the Flag (one of my favorites), have a scavenger hunt for the remote control or gaming controller, whatever it takes, just do it!