Saturday, March 27, 2010


I like socks. Funky socks. Different socks. Not socks with individual toes though. No way. But I do like socks. I adore GAP socks and Target socks. They come in all kinds of patterns and colors. I only care for the crew length socks though. The short socks are great for summer but always slide down into your shoe resulting in the constant finger in the arch fishing it out… not my favorite way to spend time. Knee socks just roll down. Possibly as irritating as the slouches mentioned earlier. I also like clean socks. I cannot conceivable put on a pair of already worn socks. If however I only wear them for a few minutes and take them off it is imperative that they go on the same foot. But I am sure you do that too, right? Or else they do not fit right. They stick out too far over the little toe and bunch up when I put my shoe on. The socks must contain at least 50% cotton too of course… they get itchy and hot otherwise. The toe must be sewn properly too. I still do not understand why they don’t sew them inside out. After all, who really sees the toes of your socks? That part is all about comfort right? The upper part though is all about personal expression. I say, “Go for it.” So go out to the nearest Target or Gap and get you a pair of funky feel good socks! Oh BTW I have never paid more than $2.00 a pair. Ever. If you are a sock connoisseur you understand that that is a very, very good deal for a great sock!! Okay, now that you think I am
absolutely nuts…. I’m done.