Friday, March 26, 2010


In July of 2008, Kevin, A, Ki and myself ventured to the zoo in Pensacola, Florida! We arrived and within ten minutes the most wicked storm imaginable rolled in! Oh my.  We sought shelter with the otters in a very, very stinky covering. Lightning unbelievable! Everywhere! And I am NOT exaggerating! Everywhere! We were very, very nervous! 

We waited for about 40 minutes for it to slack off and decided we really HAD to make a break for it and get out of the danger zone. NOT SMART! Ki and I ran in the direction of the main gate followed by Daddy and A. Then it happened! We heard a sizzle, sizzle, crack and my hair stood on end then lightning struck the goat’s roof about 15 feet away! YIKES!!! 

Kevin and A (completely hysterical) ran back into the small otter covering while I tried to scoop up Ki fighting her umbrella, she was just so shocked! Finally we got back to the covering. MY OH MY! 

We hung out there again while the lightning continued popping everywhere on the metal roof coverings of the animal shelters. 

Finally, we again made a break for the entrance. It only took about one minute to reach it, but wow. The zoo staff was VERY happy to see us. I wonder if the girls will ever want to return??