Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have been reading the very interesting book on relationships. The foundation of the book is about being feminine. Frills, lace and the works. Why is it that we have gone so far away from the foundations of historical womanhood? These foundations were here for so, so long? I know it seems old fashioned now but maybe they had a reason, just maybe. Remember Gone With the Wind? Scarlet was practically the heathen and so very unfeminine compared to the other females in the film. But by today’s standards Scarlet was way more feminine than the average female woman in the U. S. today. Very, very much so I would say. When was it that we decided that we did not want to be set aside from the men? Why is it again that we should want to be treated as they are? Why do we want to blend in with them? Do you really want other men to treat you like the other men? I too appreciate a tee shirt and comfy pair of jeans. I always fix my hair and wear very light makeup. I care about how I look. When I get all dolled up though, I feel good. I feel special. Very simple changes in my wardrobe may just have a very positive effect on my personal self image. I hope to make the hour away trip to a Goodwill next paycheck and I will purchase a few items that are not exactly what I think are “my style” and see for myself what I think. I bought a black ruffled blouse last weekend and wore it out on our “hot date.” I was shocked that Kevin loved it so much. Shocked, I say. I never would have thought it. Hmm, it certainly is something to think about, isn’t it?