Friday, July 24, 2009

Eco Bag

I was supplied my ecobag from the company. I love the black with the bright green detailing. The black hides soil but the green helps to locate it! The bag is constructed of very rugged material and well stitched. I have been putting my bag to the test.

I have purchased many re-useable bags at grocery stores and other retail stores. However, seams seem to fall out and the material is so incredibly thin they certainly don't last long around our family of eight. There is truly no comparison between this bag and the regular retail bags. The design and construction makes it truly a "green bag" whereas other bags seem to be fairly disposable.

I have been using my bag very often for the last seven months now. I have even tossed it in the washer about four times and it still keeps on serving our needs. I consider this bag a good buy and a wise investment.