Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Busy, busy, busy. Boy If I ever though life was busy before now it, GEESH!!! That’s it that’s all I can say. I worked full time all last week and will again for at least the next two weeks. Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive! Being a mom of five full-time children and working full-time is kind of tough!! I have been completely EXHAUSTED!! My house is a mess too…I still haven’t finished unpacking! Not having television I think is making it a little rougher. Before I used to FORCE myself to sit through a show to the next set of commercials just to make myself rest a bit but now it is just no stop! At least until I give up and crash around 9:00! Yes, indeed, I said 9:00! Well for-crying-out-loud the school bus is here at 6:00 am SHARP (ish). Laundry for 7, cooking, cleaning, refereeing, yard patrol, homework, groceries, preparing meals, dishes, baths…….. Don’t get me wrong; this was a very, very smart move for us. I am certain we will be very happy here. I just have to get adjusted to the amount of physical work.

BOY OH BOY I cannot WAIT until I finish my cancer meds and no longer have the nightly TERRORS!!!! The night before last I dreamt that I lived in a town that dictated who lived and dies and when it is your turn to kill someone, if you refuse…you lose your eyes first then limbs, etc. I tell you what I can certainly give Steven King some ideas after my first two years on Tamoxifen!!!!! Three more horrifying years (or tears) to go!!

We are still enjoying our rides in the country here on a fairly regular basis. Here are some cute pictures of the kids feeding the cows right down the road. Aren’t they just adorable??

Okay…I guess that is enough rambling!! Sorry…like I said…I’m tired!

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