Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crisp Morning

The crispness of the cold morn air
Is very stimulating.
The redness of the rising sun
A beauty to behold.
The gift of love and life from You
By way of Your Own Son
Is the most amazing gift this world
Has seen since time begun.

How seldom I seem to take the time to tell God how much I appreciate Him and what He has done and is doing for me. How seldom do I tell Him how amazing His love is. He created the entire universe and yet He cares about every hair on my head and knows me inside and out. In spite of His knowing me so well, He still loves me. He loves me with a love beyond my comprehension. It should not take the stimulation of cold air or the beauty of a bright red sunrise to encourage me to give God thanks and praise. Just the privilege of waking up in the morning should bring forth praises out of my heart and mouth.

From my Mom's Devotional Blog here.