Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thursday 13 - My Accomplishments

Welcome to today's Thursday Thirteen. My birthday is Sunday, I will be 41 (deep breath here). Today I am addressing thirteen things that I am glad to have accomplished in my 41 years:
  1. Brought J into this world.
  2. Brought G into this world.
  3. Brought N into this world.
  4. Brought M into this world.
  5. Brought Ki into this world.
  6. Married the man I love.
  7. Received my Bachelors of Science degree.
  8. Survived Breast Cancer.
  9. Kept my faith, despite rough times.
  10. Honored my parents. (I hope!!! Did I?)
  11. Raised my children to the best of my ability.
  12. Loved through thick and thin.
  13. Didn't let all those bumps in my road of life get the best of me.
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  1. Yes, you continue to honor your parents and we are proud of you. Thank you. God is continuing to do a beautiful work in you.


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