Tuesday, October 7, 2008

M's Cat Experience

Yesterday afternoon my 8 yo daughter was all dressed up so pretty in a dance costume with tights and heels an her hair all pulled Up (by herself, mind you). She looked beautiful. So goes out in the front yard to "practice dancing". A couple of minutes later she comes in holding her arms out to the side. I'm in the kitchen cooking supper:

M: "MOM! I went into Miss Sue's yard to get Sam (our kitten/turning cat). I finally caught him and he peed all over me!"

Me: "hee hee, Oh that really smells!"

M: "Mom this isn't the least bit funny!"

Me: Sorry I just couldn't help it it tickled me to death, ha, ha, ha, ha. "Why don't you go on and get a shower and rinse that outfit off in there too." snicker, snicker!

M: "MOM!!! It's not funny."

The thing is she's on the verge of laughing herself! So she gets in the shower and i call out to the boys, "Hey boys, Sam peed of M!"

All the way from the shower, M: "MOM!!!! Not Funny!"