Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Does Cost

Love Does Cost

God’s pure Love is free to all
For Jesus paid the cost.
He left the throne of His blessed Home
And came to save the lost.
He showed us what God’s pure Love is,
For that He was despised.
He hung in love upon the cross
For us He sacrificed.

If we want to let His Love
Flow through us from His Life
We must share the cost with Him
And give to Him our life.
If we take for us our life
His love can never flow,
For then we feed upon our greed
And love from Him can’t grow.

When you think you cannot feel
Love for fellow man
Just as God’s love to flow through you
And into every man.
It matters not what ‘err you feel
Your will releases love.
Don’t let the cost deter your will
Or God’s love will be lost.

When you love you may get hurt
They spat in Jesus’ face.
But even when they rant and rave
There’s nothing you need fear,
For if you’ve given Him your life
He’s filled you with His Life
And as you let His pure love flow
it soon will change all lives.

Love Does Cost

So many relationships are broken because someone no longer “feels” love for the other. We cannot control the way we feel. God has commanded us to love each other. Why would He command us to do something over which we have no control? Love is more than just a feeling. Love is an action. God commands that you act out love for one another even when you don’t feel like it. The action of love may be costly to the way you feel but you will find that if you act in love because you love God, you will begin to yield more to Him and enable Him to change your feelings.

It may not be too difficult to love someone who love you and strives to please you but what about someone who always seems to irritate you? Spend time praying for someone you have a difficult time loving and then choose to act in love to that person. If they refuse to accept your love, consider it a sacrifice of love to God and continue in it, allowing God to work a miracle in the relationship.

You will find that the more love you give others, the more love God will be able to give to you.

This is a devotion written by my mom. She's awesome isn't she?