Wednesday, October 29, 2008


With a minimum of seven people in this house and eight when my step daughter is with us, laundry can be a nightmare. Also, the bigger they get the bigger their clothes get (who woudda thought).

I try to do a minimum of at least one load of wash every day. I have a WONDERFUL washer though. I can even program is to start up to eight hours away or soak for 8 hours.

I fold straight out of the dryer too! Then I have four baskets...the three boys, the three girls, mine & Dad's. The boys are responsible for putting their stuff away and weeding out what is theirs. I usually do the girls' still. That's probably why there are two baskets of clean clothes in their room RIGHT NOW! LOL!

Socks however will definitely be another posting!!! Anyhow, that's how this mom of six does do you do it.