Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fragments

For all those random thoughts you have during the week
and don't know what else to do with them!
  1. I'm still messing around with my blog and I'm even dreaming about it! I used to have some web software called Complete Web Studio....hmm Birthday right around the corner.
  2. I wonder about that frog in the freezer and the story behind it. (Yes, I left it there. I tried to take a picture to share but it didn't turn out well.
  3. My daughter smeared butt cream ALL OVER the living room this week (Sigh).
  4. Potty training for the fifth time. (Insert Deep Breath here!)
  5. Ki is trying to talk!  At least making an attempt at it. Speech Therapy was supposed to start last week. (She's 29 months!)
  6. I cleaned the boys room this week ...Can you say N.A.S.T.Y.!
  7. My back has been killing me! I haven't been sleeping well. Maybe the countless hours at the computer lately are responsible?
  8. I made the grossest brownies in the world this week. I'm well known for my brownies, really. I was out of chocolate chips and used the new candy-coated kisses. Suggestion: DON'T!
  9. I took three BIG boxes to the new consignment store today! Go ahead....applaud!
  10. I am now a featured blogger at Well Sphere. They liked my Breast Cancer articles. Cool, huh? See my new Widget to the right??
  11. I have also given in and joined the EntreCard Society. We shall see! So far it's just soaking up my time.
  12. Thanks for the prayers throughout the weekend, they were very helpful.