Friday, October 17, 2008

Dangers of Eating Red Meat

Many studies have proven that women who eat the most red meat have an 88 to 330 per cent increased risk of breast cancer. Alarming!

When animal protein is cooked structural changes in the protein, amino acids and creatine in the meat creating dangerous carcinogens. One study found that red-meat protein is associated with a 220 to 770 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.

The animal fat in red meat raises insulin levels also increasing risk of breast cancer by 283 per cent.
Growth hormones and stimulators is linked to an alarming 700 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.

Cooking at high temperatures (grilling and frying) to well-done also had a significantly higher risk of breast cancer.

This is scary stuff ladies! I still eat some red meat, but I have drastically reduced my consumption of it. After researching will be reduced even further!

The Perils of Eating Red Meat, Christine Horner, MD,article in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Fall 2008.