My Review Policy

Thank you for visiting and considering me to review your product or book.

My family is a large family, consisting of myself, Tammy, my husband, three wonderful boys, two terrific daughters, a stepdaughter, two dogs, five cats 6 goldfish and four bunnies.

Items I will review:
I am open to review requests, especially those related to families, parents, saving money, breast cancer, beauty/cosmetics, food, home products, interior decorating, crafting, organizing, cleaning, homemaking, Christian living and frugality. I may or may not accept your product or book based solely upon my own discretion. If the product or book does not appeal to me I will most likely not accept it for review. If your product doesn't fall into any of the listed categories please go ahead and contact me, I am willing to consider almost anything. All I ask is that you please keep it clean and family friendly. Feel free to contact me with your request or questions.

I am also happy to consider copies of books from authors, publishers and publicists for review and/or giveaways. I own a Kindle and am available to read and review electronic books. I am happy to consider most types and genres of books, but I absolutely will not even consider those that are sexually explicit, vampire, extremely graphic, erotic or pornographic in nature. My favorite genres include Cookbooks, D├ęcor and Craft. Please, as stated above, keep it clean and family friendly.

What you can expect from my reviews:

If you sponsor a review, here's what I will do to promote it:

·         A sticky link at the top of my blog's front page for 1 week.
·         A tweet about the review on the day the review is posted.
·         A post on my facebook page the day the review is posted.
·         Links back to your website/blog, facebook page and twitter account from the review post.
·         Featured link on my sidebar for two months.

If you sponsor a review and giveaway, here's what I will do to promote it:
·         A sticky link at the top of my blog's front page until the giveaway ends.
·         A daily tweet about the review and giveaway until it ends.
·         A post on my facebook page the day the review is posted and reminder posts until the giveaway ends.
·         Links back to your website/blog, facebook page and twitter account from the giveaway post.
·         To enter the giveaway, a reader must answer a specific question about your product and/or service.
·         I will provide additional entries when readers follow your blog, twitter and facebook page (or any other method you request - such as comment, email signup, etc.) and my blog, twitter and facebook page.
·         A featured link on my sidebar for two months.

Book Reviews
My book reviews include cover art, a description of the book (generally taken from Amazon or the Publisher's website), my thoughts on the book, publication details and a little about the author. I also attempt to link to any multimedia about the book that may be available online.

I will complete reviews in a timely manner, generally within 2-4 weeks of receiving the product or book. If it will take me longer, I will try to let you know upfront, in case you need the review posted sooner.  Don’t forget, I am a working mom of six!!  Life happens! If you have a specific date you would like my review posted, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

All reviews posted on this blog are 100% my honest opinion of the product or book. I promise to be diligent in my testing of the product, or reading of the book, so I can provide a thorough review. I strive to present in-depth and thorough product reviews, based solely on my own experience with the product that I am reviewing. I will always give my honest opinion on each review that I post here. My reviews are strictly my own opinion and will never be influenced based on compensation of any kind.
I retain the right to NOT post reviews or review products I did not specifically agree to review or that don't meet my standards. If I test a product or read a book and have a negative experience or reaction to it, I would prefer to contact you to discuss my concerns in private, before posting a negative review. I cannot guarantee a positive review 100% of the time nor will I use this blog as a forum to bash a product or book.

If you send me a product to review, I will not send it back, nor will I pay for a product you wish me to review. While I appreciate the products and/or books that I receive for review, I will not give a good review in exchange for said product or book; my review will never be influenced based on compensation of any kind. 

Giveaways are open to US residents, unless you specify otherwise. Please do not ship the giveaway item to me. I prefer that YOU ship the product to the giveaway winner. I will provide you with the winner's pertinent information at the conclusion of the giveaway period and ask that you ship it to them within 2 weeks.

I will always disclose any and all products I receive for review and/or giveaway.

If you would like me to review and/or giveaway, please feel free to contact me at svrmomof6 (at) gmail.