Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday Dinners: Our Favorite Pastors Bring Together Family, Food and Faith to the Table: A Review

Author: Diane Cowen

My Thoughts: I adore cookbooks. This one is terrific. Sunday Dinners focuses on meal planning from well known ministers across America, such as Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes. Each pastor contributes their favorite recipes along with full-color photos. I am looking forward to trying several of these. There are recipes for every cook level, taste and size of family. Great resource.

I would have like to have seen more recipes and a little less Biography of the contributing pastors.

Publisher's Synopsis: A cookbook that feeds the body and soul, featuring recipes and inspiring stories from some of America’s most prominent pastors, and encouraging everyone to come to the table and celebrate Sunday suppers with grace and good food. Sunday Dinners brings readers to the kitchen and dining-room tables of fourteen of America’s favorite pastors and their families as they share their Sunday traditions, mealtime blessings, inspiring stories, strong family values, and favorite recipes.

Research shows that eating dinner together strengthens a family’s bond, and Sunday dinners are especially sacred. They are a time to bring everyone together, catch up, teach children manners and social skills, stay connected with teens, learn about family history and values, and nourish our bodies and souls.

In Sunday Dinners, the pastor families who share their experiences are known not just for their successes in the pulpit and in their communities but also for the strong families they have built. They preach it, and they live it, and that’s inspiring. This is a cookbook to be read and savored, to remind us that no matter how busy we think we are, we can still take time to come together, break bread, and connect with family and good friends.

I received a free digital copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.