Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenge: Greatly Reducing the Food Budget

Photo from Nourished Kitchen

Our family has started off this new year of 2012 with some financial challenges, thus impacting our food budget severely. It just so happens to be when meat prices seem to have increase by 50%!  I have thus been on a mission this week to find creative ways to feed our family of 7/8 on a tight, tight budget. I say mission because these meals have to be easy enough to throw together throughout the week for this working mom of six. (sigh)

Some of the ways I hope to greatly reduce my food budget immediately are:
1.  I will again employ a weekly menu to help reduce overbuying of extras at the grocery store. 
2.  We will have one meatless meal every week.
3.  We will have a sandwich and soup meal one night each week.
4.  We will have a breakfast for dinner meal one night each week.
5.  We will incorporate more beans into our menus.

I don't know....I am still working on this.  

I am using my Pinterest to "pin" some meals I am hoping will help us out in this crunch time. I shall post some of them here as I am able along with the links to some terrific blogs I have found through Pinterest and Foodgawker.

I hope you look forward to these upcoming posts!  There are some good ones coming with some terrific links.

How do you stretch your food budget?