Thursday, December 1, 2011

Head Coverings during Chemo

Hair loss is a very sensitive subject for a lot of women undergoing cancer treatment.  I was 38 when I went through chemo and I sure was.  I wish I had splurged an bought myself a pink wig!  Here are a few great head covers.

I had one very similar to this one. I loved it when it was cool.
This one is actually 50% off now.

This is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had had this one.

Don't forget you will still need a head covering underneath. 

Nice and warm and fuzzy!!!

If you don't mind itching like CRAZY and sweating like crazy try a wig if you can afford one...

Synthetic wig prices at $350.00

These are awesome!!! I wish I had found these when I needed them and very affordable!
When you wear hats, caps and scarves the nape of the neck often shows as well as the side burn area.  I was very sensitive about this area.  Eventually I just wore ball caps though.  It is amazing the audacity of some people though and no matter how you prepare for it, you are still going to get pointed at and talked about. Yes, sad but it will happen. 

All I can say really is embrace it. I wish I had gone bald more often.