Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread Nativity

I stumbled across this wonderful "Gingerbread Nativity" tutorial. What an excellent way to remember the reason for the season and real meaning of Christmas!  I have never gotten into Gingerbread houses and the secular aspect of Christmas is definitely out of control. Between Santa, Reindeer,stockings, trees and those elves on the shelves it is hard to keep our focus on Christ (and the kids focus off of receiving).

What better way to bring the focus back to Jesus than a DIY Nativity scene?

Biren over at Roti n Rice has a terrific post on creating this wonderful masterpiece for Christmas:

Oh how I wish I had found this post earlier in the season.  It will definitely be on my to do list next Christmas.  Stop by and check out her blog, I am her newest subscriber!

What are some of the ways your family keeps the focus of this season on Jesus??