Friday, November 11, 2011

Weight and Cancer

I lost 50 pounds after I had my fourth child, I was back to a size six and loved it.  Very soon after I acheived my goal weight I became pregnant again and was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had surgery, had a beautiful little girl and six days later began chemotherapy and radiation. I am now a five year survivor of breast cancer but after pregnancy and the sedentary life of a cancer patient I have 50 pounds to lose!

I realized last night while watching the LMN movie shorts "Five" about breast cancer patients that I think I actually cancer may come back if I lose the weight. Silly? I think it is holding me back, whether it is silly or not.

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  1. At least you admit that this train of thought is silly. There are some great exercises that I'm doing now that actually help with the lymph system, so it could help with your breast tissue too.

    You will feel so much better if you get active, and being more healthy will fight off cancer. You know all of this! You just have to talk to God and make up your mind that you won't back down to this idea that Satan has put into your head.

    Love you,


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