Friday, November 4, 2011

Turning Pinterest Ideas Into Actions

Pinterest (Virtual Pinboard site) is truly amazing.  I get so many ideas it is unreal!  However, following through with those wonderful, creative ideas is somewhat challenging for this working mom of six.  So, I am going to post a few of the crafty awesomeness here on my blog that I hope will encourage me to follow through with a little ACTION!  Here are some of my latest "pins" I would love to make.

Isn't this beautiful?? Here is a link to a video on how to create this beautiful scarf from old t-shirts!

Sewing supplies and pincushion out of a mason jar.  Love it!

Homemade dish soap!  I am so making this.  I only like the Electrosol hard tablets but opening those irritating little pouches with wet, slimy hands is just impossible!!

Old popcorn tins turned into dog/cat food storage. I am definitely doing this one. Our Wal-mart only has the little tins this year. :(

I have wanted a trash can in a box for YEARS!  This is awesome with casters on the bottoms and a shelf for the bags.  I'd like to create one similar to this.

All great ideas, aren't they.  I pinned a ton more but perhaps I might finish a couple of these, sometime. .  .  

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