Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinterest Picks: Family Fun and Activities

Here are some highlights on Pinterest on my Family Fun and Activities Board this week:

Absolutely BEST time out stool EVER!!!

Pipe cleaner pieces and a magnet= hours of fun

DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids :
mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater, castle, playhouse,etc

Great version of a chore chart - easy for kids to see/do!

Fun kid activity for snow days. 
Mix food coloring in squeeze bottles and let them color in the snow.

Oil and food coloring on top of water ~ cool.

Dice game- first to get all the numbers wins

Pinterest is so full of wonderful, creative ideas.  If you aren't on Pinterest, you should be.  If you are you should really, really, really leave me a comment with a link to yours so I can see all of the wonderful things you pin!

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