Saturday, November 19, 2011

Creating Fond Family Memories

Memories are irreplaceable. As a mom of six I know my children will all have some very fond memories of their lives growing up. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was pregnant with our youngest five years ago.  Chemotherapy totally obliterated my memory.  Completely.  I keep hoping eventually it will come back  but who knows.  I hate forgetting such wonderful experiences in my life. I wish I had journaled and written more things down when they happened so I could remember.  (After all remember the movie,The Notebook?) Here are some brilliant ways to help those memories not become forgotten.

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

Jot those memories down on some rocks with a sharpie and place in a pretty glass urn.  Whenever you need a pick me up, just grab a few of them to read and wallah an instant mood lift.

We write notes to the kids, memories, dreams, prayers, etc. Start from the moment we knew they were coming and continue to fill them through the years and give them when they leave home.

A mother/daughter journal. Daughters write to their mom and as a mom you write back. Share memories, questions, thoughts, etc. Such a sweet idea.

Love notes to tell my kids how much I adore them.

Place a mailbox outside of their rooms for extra love notes and treasures.

Memory Jar, add memories throughout the year, and read them on new years eve... then save in memory box! I think I'll make this a family tradition. 

What is your favorite idea? How does your family remember those terrific memories? Please share with us.