Friday, October 7, 2011

Lovely Home Interiors

Many, many moons ago (more than I care to count) I had toyed with the idea of going into Interior Design.  I see that now.  I adore Pinterest for a wonderful way to organize my interests.  I used to make binders full of pages from magazines, no more!

Here are some of my lovely pins from my Home Interiors Board.  I like to link to the original pinners, I was the original pinners on all of these.  Aren't they all just breathtaking?  I could easily live in ANY of these homes.  I doubt any of them are six kid friendly though! :(

Providence Ltd Designs

Eclectic Revisited
(This is an AMAZING blog, go subscribe!!)

Eclectic Revisited (again, told ya, great stuff!)

My favorite in this post, again from Eclectic Revisited

Again from Eclectic Revisited, this is the photo that took me to this awesome blog.

Now, aren't you just inspired?  Which one is your favorite?

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