Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Want These Hairstyles

I have long, wavy hair.  My hair has always been one of my favorite features.  My hair is finally getting back to the texture it was before I had chemotherapy five years ago.  It is close to what I want but not quite.  The photos below are what I hope to achieve soon.  They are ranked from my favorite on down.  What do you think?

#1 - This is extremely close to my before chemo look., except my hair was curlier.

From None

#2 - I love these bangs and I always want my hair long enough to wisp it back, between working and six kids a lady has to have an easy option.

#3 - I adore the Zooey and her wonderful sister.  
I love the soft look here but I may not be able to pull off the bulky bangs.

#4 - Yes, Zooey again but the woman has great hair!

#5 - Great long bangs but they always tend to get on my nerves and I whack 'em off!!

#6 - My current look when pulled back, but about 8 inches longer and wavy.

What do you think?

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