Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me! I am 44 today! I know, when you are "this old" birthdays should be just another day, unless you have battled for your life.  I am now a five year breast cancer survivor and very blessed to have been able to share another year and birthday with my loved ones. Unfortunately, cancer calls many of our loved ones home to heaven way too early.

I thank God for every single day I get to share with my husband, parents and children and stepdaughter.

I appreciate every day the Lord gives me with my five wonderful children, Josh (now 18 and studying at SFA), Garitson (14), Nathan (12), Miranda (11) and my little Kiera (5).  I have the bravest and most resilient children and I am so very proud of every one of them. They love me despite my flaws and continue to be loving, caring individuals despite all the trials we have and those we continue to walk through.