Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Post: Asparagus Green in Home Decor

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a cool source for lighting fixtures and lamps online. Visit their website and blog for the latest in lighting trends. Asparagus green is a gorgeous, bright shade of green that makes a great color for home décor. It can be an intense wall color for a bold look or used as an accent in light fixtures or decorative accessories for a splash of rich color. However it is used, asparagus green in home décor is a stylish color that has a lot of versatility.
Big Oven
Asparagus Green
Asparagus green is a bright green with yellow undertones. It can also be a bit of a silvery green if we are talking about uncooked asparagus.
Asparagus Green
Asparagus green is an intense green for walls (and ceilings) that is grounded with black and white. This green would look great paired with creams and browns as well.
Porch Light Interiors
Asparagus Green
Love the asparagus green color on the sideboard. It has a slight silvery tone to it like raw asparagus. Looks great against the darker green and white pattern on the wall that encored the green ceiling fixtures.
Ikea Family Live
Asparagus Green
Asparagus green can work well with other greens for a layered look. Love the asparagus green curtains mixed with spring green pendant lights and a more chartreuse green filing cabinet in this lively home office.
Better Homes and Gardens
Asparagus Green
Love this room with its asparagus green wall and red console tables. Beige upholstery is a great neutral against the bolder green and red.
Let Me Be Inspired
Asparagus Green
Asparagus green in a rug and accents makes for a lively room when paired with orange and other bright colors. The green on the floor reminds us of grass and the outdoors.
Asparagus Green
Mixed with teal blues and yellows, asparagus green can create a sophisticated palette when the green is a little more muted. This bedroom has a lovely soft version of asparagus green on the wall. Love the asymmetrical look of the painting and side by side wall sconces.
Asparagus Green
Bold colors on upholstery are anything but boring. Love the asparagus green velvet on this button tufted sofa. So fun!.

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Yummy post isn't it? Comments are welcome! Don't forget to check out Arcadian Lighting blog for more delicious lighting fixture!
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  1. Even in today's open-plan homes, where kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms are often one large space, color is used to help define interiors and create focal points in relatively featureless rooms. The trick, of course, is figuring out which colors to use and where to put them.


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