Friday, September 2, 2011

Magnificent Laundry Rooms

The Kitchen is the heart of the home, no argument there.  But in a house with six children next to the kitchen and bathroom the next busiest room is the laundry room, well for Mom that is.

Unfortunately my laundry facilities are in the non-heated  and non-airconditioned garage shared with my horder husband.  But a girl can dream! I dream of a large folding surface with storage bins for one basket for each person in the family, oh and a television would be pretty awesome too.  Check out these "Magnificent" laundry rooms:

I love the galvanized backsplash!

Great cubbies!

Bright and cherry, tons of shelving and space.

Great space, a little sterile but amazing.  I would want a drain on the floor in the middle though (LOL).

This last one is more my style (unless I win the lottery, which I can't because you gotta play it to win it).  This is very beautifully decorated. I love the colors and the counter tops.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Oh gosh...if only! I think my favorite is the last one, too. The one above it almost looks like a kitchen it's so big! Maybe that's why they had to put that little sign up so the guests would know they hadn't found the kitchen. :o) But that last picture, it just makes you wish for springtime and cool breezes, doesn't it? Lovely!

  2. I definitely like the last one best, too. I also love the idea of large glass jars for detergent, as shown in the first one!


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