Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scunci Pony Wrap: Review

This is how I wear my hair to work most everyday:

(Aren't I gorgeous? No, this is not me)

It is so simple to do this style and my hair weather curly of straight always is under control.  I use a simple tool my mom had been given.  It looks like this:

This item is so easy to use.  My problem is I lost mine!!!  Yes I inadvertently left it at my sister in law's home in Louisiana last month.  I miss it every single day.  This weekend I am going to find another one, I hope. In this little country town I just may have to wait until I can make the hour long trip into Humble.

This product is available from Scunci and available on their website with the following simple instructions:

  • Follow these quick and easy steps to create an elegant ponytail wrap, using your own hair, without any pins. 1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, but before you wrap your elastic around the hair, pull a section of hair out from the bottom of your ponytail. This section of hair will be your “wrap strand” that you will wrap around your ponytail, on top of the hair elastic. 2. Put your hair elastic around your ponytail as you normally would, being careful to leave the “wrap strand” free. 3. Insert the thick end (the end without the loop) of the hair tool straight through the center of the ponytail, from the top down, through the center of the elastic. Stop when the loop end of the pony wrap tool is just above your ponytail. 4. Wrap the pulled “wrap strand” of hair around the elastic. Continue wrapping until there is approximately 2” of hair left at the end. 5. Slide the “wrap strand” end into the loop of the tool between the hook and longer straight piece. 6. With one hand, hold the "wrap strand" securely in the eye of the hook. 7. Using your other hand, gently pull the hair tool completely through the elastic and out of the bottom portion of your ponytail. 8. Your “wrap strand” will now be threaded through the middle of your ponytail and securely in place. It’s as easy as that!
I actually use a small section from the bottom of my already contained pony, not like the directions above.  I will have to try it this way now.  It is so simple and anyone can do it even children but it make the normal everyday ponytail look clean and a little more sophisticated.  If you have long hair, try it.

Note:  I was not compensated in any way for this review I just love the product.  I was not furnished one from Scunci. I wish I had been though since I lost my beloved tool!!!