Friday, August 5, 2011

The Right Way to Clean a Coffee Pot

Coffee is wonderful but you must have a clean pot, good coffee and good water in order for it to be tasty.   I thought I would show you my chemical and cleaner free way I clean my coffee pot!

Step One - Rinse the pot.
Step Two - Cut a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in half and insert into said pot.
Step Three - Use some sort of instrument to rub the eraser around all the interior surfaces of same pot. (My weapon of choice today is my ruler off my desk)
Step Four - "Erase" the outside of the pot.
Step Five - Rinse out same pot.

Ta Da! 

Note: I used the same half eraser for the last two and a half years but grabbed a new one for the photo tutorial. (And yes, I have the owner purchase Magic Erasers.) Now if I could get him to stop buying Folgers Brand I would actually drink the coffee. (gag, ptuey)

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  1. Guess it helps if you don't leave the coffee maker on until the coffee solidifies in the bottom. Takes a lot of scrubbing at 6am

  2. Well you are 100% correct there! Burnt coffee is definitely horrid!


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