Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pinterest Picks: Ingenious Ideas

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you are really missing out!  If you need an invite shoot me an email!  It is inspiring (yet addictive). 

Here are some pins off my "Ingenious Ideas" Pinboard.

Top, Left - Fruit Fly Trap via The Idea Room pinned by Tammy
A super, nearly free way to get rid of pesky fruit flies!

Top, Right - Mop Flip Flops via Marie-Louise pinned by Kris Thompson
I am endlessly scooting around on dishrags around my kitchen floor, 
these would be so cool and I am sure the kids would fight over who gets that chore.

Bottom, Left - Reisenthel Easy Bags via Reuse It (dot) com pinned by Laura Gonzalez
Great way to "be green" and keeping purchases corralled in the Suburban too.

Bottom, Right - Scissor Lock via Image Fave pinned by Tina Poulson
I don't know about you but I have kiddos that like to cut their own hair!!  
Why didn't I ever think of this clever idea??